Social Media / Content Management

We also offer social media consulting and content management services. Less about design, and more about message, strategy, curation, and technology, we are well-connected to the social and hyperlocal media network on the North Shore, and were early adopters of blogging, and the use of Facebook and Twitter in community-based networking and advocacy.

Our services are applicable to community organizations, political campaigns, media companies, and businesses or institutions who want to create a central point of information and discussion about their particular issue, product, or service. Unlike traditional social media consultants who come from a marketing perspective, we approach projects from a journalistic angle, and curate strong archives of news and facts on a particular topic. We aim to create communities with a shared interest, and spread the message virally.

John’s interest in social and hyperlocal media grew out of several efforts that he has led in his home city of Beverly, Massachusetts over the past decade. In 2008, with the city's schools facing a financial crisis, he launched the blog Save Beverly Schools. A combination of news and advocacy, the site quickly became the go-to source for information on the crisis, and evolved into an ongoing source of news and opinion on the city’s schools.

John also developed and manages the social media strategy for The Montserrat Neighborhood Group, a citizen's group in Beverly that was was initially formed in opposition to two large development projects. Through Facebook, Twitter, and email communications—as well as traditional neighborhood flyering—we quickly raised awareness about the projects, built strong advocacy groups, and amassed such a strong presence at city meetings that one was withdrawn by the developer, and the other was rejected by the city's Zoning Board of Appeals. Our campaign was praised by city councilors who congratulated us on "organizing and presenting a unified voice in opposition" and called our campaign “a leadership collaboration that made a real difference for our community.” The group's Facebook page has since become a central point for residents to share information and support one another, and the group—which now has over 850 online members—has become a powerul voice in citywide issues, and has helped create a new sense of transparancy in city government.

More recently, John served as the webmaster for a successful mayoral campaign in Beverly. The experience gave him insight into how to use the web and social media in a political campaign. He later served on the Mayor's communications transition team advising the city on web and social media communications.

In addition to designing websites, John has also managed web content and social media efforts for various local groups and organizations.

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