Banners Flying High in Beverly

If you find yourself driving through Beverly, Massachusetts, keep an eye out for our lightpole banners that line Cabot and Rantoul streets, the city's two main thoroughfares. They are pretty hard to miss, hanging on both sides of the streets throughout the downtown area. The banners won this year's Beverly Main Streets banner contest, which was held in February, and started going up in early May.

In my note explaining the thought and inspirtation behind the colorful summer banners, which I created during the darkest days of January, I stated: “Much of my business this time of year involves more technical projects such as financial and law school books—pretty dry stuff. This was a good opportunity to switch gears and do a more colorful, creative, freeform piece.

The design is meant to symbolize the colorful, vibrant and artistic city that I envision for downtown Beverly. I hope the banners will add a splash of color and energy, and that their message encourages residents from across the city to come downtown and support local businesses.”

They certainly seem to be doing their job as far as adding that splash of color to the city.